Boys!  I have 4 of them, 5 if you count my favorite sheepadoodle and 6 if you include my favorite and only husband! High school senior boys are one of my favorite subjects to photograph.  I do also say that about high senior girls, families and older generations, but truly, boys are what I know. […]

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All about boy high school senior photos, Eau Claire Wisconsin

July 17, 2022

Prom Dress Portraits

Prom  Dress Portraits Did you buy a prom dress or tux and won’t get the chance to wear it? Here is your chance to show it off! Book an outdoor editorial prom dress portrait session. 1-2 hours session Complimentary professional hair & makeup 10 matted prints Reveal Box to show off the prints $1375 + […]

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Did you buy a prom dress or tux and won’t get the chance to wear it?

June 10, 2020

Graduating student with cap and gown

Ours is! Our third son Stewart is about to fly the coop and we come one child closer to becoming empty nesters!⁣ Stew is one of the most laid back kids! I can’t say I know where that came from…a recessive gene?? Truly, a good-hearted, intelligent man that I could always rely on for help, […]

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Is your child graduating from High School?

May 22, 2020

Newborn twins, a girl and boy join their two-year old sister

Yes! The session was absolutely perfect. Truly! I did get help from a wonderful friend as two babies require a few extra hands. These two little angels could not have been more cooperative! They took turns to nap and feed and were sleeping soundly when photographing both together.  Big sister Laney was done after the […]

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Can a newborn twins session be successful?

November 27, 2019

Family time with my father and brother in Setif Algeria

The power of a photograph is immense. I remember so much about the moment captured in this photograph.  The flower crown and bracelet my mum made for me, the stories my dad was making up about a goat in the distance that made me laugh, the back seat we are leaning on that my dad […]

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The Power of a Photograph

November 22, 2019


Reflections…on family portraits…this photograph of my father, my hero, is long overdue!  As is my very first REAL blog post. I kept waiting for the right time, right subject, the right words, the correct words, the one great thing that is worthy of a blog.  This first blog, as my father’s portrait, is long overdue.  […]

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Family Portraits to go along with Your Stories

November 16, 2019

A little sweetness to go with your Sunday morning coffee and a scroll through Your social media of choice! ….Those cheeks and blue eyes, need I say more?! 🍂 With Wisconsin fall coming upon us quickly, let’s savor any sunshine and warm temperatures left. If all else fails we can turn to babies like little […]

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Some sweetness with your Sunday coffee…

September 15, 2019

Newborn photography sessions are unpredictable but so rewarding. This little sweetheart wanted to eat most of the session involving her older siblings. By the time Evelyn was ready, Emilia and Elijah we’re ready to just be two and five year olds. These real moments are precious and don’t have to be perfect! That includes Emilia’s […]

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And then there was Evelyn

September 8, 2019

Young girl posing with a book of Canterbury poets

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May 14, 2019