Ours is!

Our third son Stewart is about to fly the coop and we come one child closer to becoming empty nesters!⁣

Graduating student with cap and gown

Stewart in his cap and gown

Stew is one of the most laid back kids! I can’t say I know where that came from…a recessive gene?? Truly, a good-hearted, intelligent man that I could always rely on for help, although with some prodding…mainly out of bed (2 pm ok??!)…but never any eye-rolling. ⁣

When awake, his mind is in a constant state of pondering and questioning, theories on physics and particles, conversations I cannot partake in as they are way above my head! Thank god for his father, dinner conversations are always interesting, as are random soliloquies throughout his waking hours! Oh and let’s not forget his lack of fear…he doesn’t have any. Be it a cliff, a tree, or a fer-de-lance (a highly poisonous pit viper) in the Belizean jungle..at night!! We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for him. ⁣

This year’s grads have a bone to pick with nature. We can’t blame them. The senior year for a high schooler is a right of passage of sorts…or at least that’s how we fantasize about it while in reality they are just “done” with it and can’t wait to get on with college or any sort of “real adult life”. They are getting a little taste of adult life now, seeing their parents have serious conversations more often and hopefully watching their role models overcome the challenges presented to them. ⁣

High School Senior photographed in a studio

poised and ready to take on his future

But let’s not allow “reality” to highjack their future, lets help cultivate dreams that sometimes feel too big but really aren’t. Anything is attainable…these kids have youth and drive on their side and they will be fine. Let’s remind them to dream BIG. ⁣

Congratulations Stew!⁣

Is your child graduating from High School?

May 22, 2020

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