Newborn twins, a girl and boy join their two-year old sister

Party of Five!

Yes! The session was absolutely perfect. Truly! I did get help from a wonderful friend as two babies require a few extra hands. These two little angels could not have been more cooperative! They took turns to nap and feed and were sleeping soundly when photographing both together.  Big sister Laney was done after the family photos and gave way to some wonderfully perfect imperfect pictures.  Parents, ok let’s be honest, moms, like to have their little tykes all looking at the camera and smiling, in reality, those photos are far and few in between.

Sweet little twins

Two-week-old twins , Julius and June

Behind the scenes of newborn twins

Behind the scenes of a newborn twins photography session

Big sister

Big sister Laney

Big Sister to newborn twins

Big sister Laney, does not want to partake in this photograph!

Father and newborn daughter

Father and daughter time

Mother's love for her newborn son

Snuggles with mom

Sleeping newborn boy

Sweet little Julius sound asleep

Newborn twin girl

Soundly asleep, June would not wake!

Can a newborn twins session be successful?

November 27, 2019

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